Apples and Oranges Fresh Market will serve as the host location for a new Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative sponsored by a local group of restaurateurs.  The event, to be held on June 22nd from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. will be sponsored by SKIPP, a  restaurant and hospitality group  that has partnered with the owners of Apples and Oranges Fresh Market to teach members of the community about the importance of healthy eating.   The members of SKIPP will offer food demonstrations to neighbors in the community, with chefs creating some of their favorite health conscious dishes served from tables to be set up in the parking lot of the Market.  The initiative will continue on a weekly basis, as the Market will host one restaurant each Saturday who will create healthful recipes from its menu, and offer the recipe to attendees so they can create it at home.  Ingredients for the dishes created during for these demonstrations will be available for purchase at Apples and Oranges Fresh Market. 

“Apples and Oranges Fresh Market has already established itself as a strong voice in community emphasizing the importance of eating fresh foods,” said Casey Jenkins, executive chef and owner of Darker Than Blue Cafe on Greenmount Avenue who is also Vice Chairperson of the event.  He SKIPP, which stands for Shop Keepers Individual Procurement Program, was formed to assist local small businesses to procure safe, high-quality goods and services needed to run their businesses competitively, thereby yielding the benefits of buying as a collective.   Other members of SKIPP and participants in the Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative include The Land of Kush Restaurant on Eutaw Street, and Phase 10 Restaurant on Howard Street in Mt. Vernon.  For a full list of participating restaurants and featured recipes, go to www. http://www.applesandorangesmarket.com/healthy-neighborhoods-initiative.html.

“So we want to give back to Apples and Oranges Fresh Market and the people in this East Baltimore Neighborhood by bringing them weekly 2 hour cooking demonstrations featuring healthy dishes prepared by the chef of that restaurant,” Jenkins continued.  These weekly demonstrations will continue through July 13th.  All of the dishes prepared during the event will be free of charge.

Apples and Oranges Fresh Market owners Erich March and Michele Speaks-March say they are delighted by the formation of this partnership with SKIPP and they are honored by the fact that this group of business owners has made the decision to give back to their grocery store and to the surrounding East Baltimore Community.

“We knew that a part of the mission of Apples and Oranges Fresh Market would include educating our community not only on the importance of eating healthy foods, but also the importance of using these healthy foods to prepare healthier meals for their families,” says Speaks-March.  “Food preparation plays a big role in the health of a meal.”

“So we could not be more thrilled that SKIPP has chosen to sow into the East Baltimore community through our store and to educate our neighbors while echoing our message of providing better food for a better community.”

Apples and Oranges Fresh Market is a full service grocery store providing healthy food options in the following categories:  produce, deli, fresh bread, and prepared foods.  For more information on Apples and Oranges Fresh Market go to www.applesandorangesmarket.com.   Or call 410-235-2900.

For more information on the Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative, including participating restaurants, a schedule of food demonstrations and featured recipes go to http://www.applesandorangesmarket.com/healthy-neighborhoods-initiative.html.



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These weekly demonstrations will continue through July 13th.


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