In Baltimore City, finding healthy food options can be much more challenging than finding unhealthy ones.  Fast food restaurants can be found on every corner, yet healthy supermarkets are much fewer and far between. 

We have brought Apples and Oranges Fresh Market to East Baltimore because the community has been underserved for many years.  Healthy food options have just not persisted here with the kind of prevalence that is necessary to make a difference in the health of many people who live in and near the neighborhood.  The lack of access to fresh food has far reaching ramifications - more obesity and more incidences of disease.

At Apples and Oranges Fresh Market, our mission is to provide better food for a better community.  We do more than just offer people healthy food.  We give people the tools necessary for the proper cooking of that food.  We endeavor to engage them with recipes that will enhance their diets.  And we encourage them to develop a love affair with good food.

Come by our store and learn more about our educational programs.  Buy healthy and participate in our events.  We are here to serve you, and to help you create your vision for a healthier family and ultimately, a better community.



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